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Sun, 09-28 - Midwest Bicycle Fest (3 Days)

Sun, 10-05 - Peddlers Fall Show & Swap (10 Days)

Fri, 10-10 - Photo Contest (15 Days)

Fri, 10-10 - Firefighters Museum Parade (15 Days)

Sat, 10-18 - Partridge Pedal Party (23 Days)

Latest Comments

Stephanie on Announcements
Fri, 09.19.2008
Found out last night being par t of a "cool" bike group and o wning a bike has it's privileg es!( [...]

Erick on I've Been Tagged
Fri, 09.19.2008
That's our uncle Larry...

Brad 'dertybert' Olmsted on First Gravity Shoot-Out
Thu, 09.18.2008
Tooooooo mucho el funno! Let's do this again...SOON! No worr ies about crashing the Blue Bu llet [...]

jim mamalis on I've Been Tagged
Wed, 09.17.2008
Had ridden an old, red, generi c bike with a cantilevered fra me and fenders to the Riversid e Ca [...]

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